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Aerospace — Landing Gear:

Many aircraft and aerospace parts and structures have been stress analyzed with the PhotoStress Analysis system under both static and flight conditions. The method is very well suited for such applications since it provides full field stress analysis and distribution on prototype structures. The landing gears for nearly all modern aircraft have been stress analyzed by covering the entire gear surface with PhotoStress photoelastic coatings. Landing gears are fabricated from forged and machined high strength steel. The gear is a complex assembly of part subjected to various static and shock loadings. Occasionally, certain parts are exposed to as many as six different loading conditions. Because the landing gear is used only twice during a flight and represents dead weight for the reminder of the time, any weight reduction is of great benefit. At the same time, safety is obviously of paramount importance; therefore, extensive safety factors must be employed unless the stress distribution is accurately known for all significant modes of loading.

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