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Micro-Measurements - PhotoStress® Plus - Case Studies

Dynamic Cycling / Vibration Tests:

Cycling, Rotating & Vibrating Parts:

When dealing with rotating parts, PhotoStress Analysis system can work together with a stroboscopic light source (or a high speed camera) that gives the system the ability to inspect any kind of a moving part, rotating or reciprocating devices and vibration tests. By adjusting the frequency of the light source (or camera) to that of the moving part, we can create the impression that the part is still and analyze it easily.

Case Studies
  • Case Studies: Full List
  • Aerospace — Landing Gear
  • Assembly Stresses
  • Biomechanical Tests
  • Composite Materials
  • Cycling, Rotating & Vibrating Parts
  • Fatigue Tests
  • FEA Validation
  • Laboratory Classes
  • Residual Stress Analysis
  • Yielding